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Master Your Greatest Financial Challenge: Retirement

Financial Education will help you “Master your greatest financial challenge  - A Secure Retirement”.

A new study by a team of economists from Stanford University, The University of Minnesota, the London School of Economics, and Claremont Graduate University find that people who are blinded by two biases fall short in their Retirement  Savings.  Those not blinded have significantly more for retirement.

What are the two biases?

  1.  Tendency to procrastinate on financial decisions that will benefit them in the long run.
  2.  The failure to perceive the power of a compounding investment.

Investing and Savings are used these days interchangeably and that is wrong.

Investing for retirement, implies a strategy that involves growth and with growth investing there is risk of loss.

Savings for retirement, on the other hand is based on safety of principal

The key to long term investing is understanding the difference.  Then finding the way or the combination of ways that will fit your level of tolerance. Once that is determined you  must be persistent in setting aside your funds.