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We help you make retirement, the world's longest coffee break

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National Associates, Inc. of Texas

National Associates’ purpose is to provide our clients with tax-advantaged services and products to “Master our Greatest Financial Challenge – A Secure Retirement”

Our team of professionals have years of experience in financial services. We can help you address your needs of today and for many years to come. We look forward to working with you.

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We Are Here For You

Today’s economic environment presents many challenges. But along with these challenges comes opportunities and potential rewards for those who can identify long-term trends.

Whether you’re facing retirement—or looking to better understand certain investment ideas—we can help you address your most pressing financial questions.

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About Us

Since entering the insurance and financial services industry in 1966, Tom has dedicated himself to providing the finest service and financial advice to his clients.  He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration.  He continues his career-related education and holds frequent well-attended seminars.

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Orchestrating Your Retirement Accounts

An orchestra is merely a collection of instruments, each creating a unique sound. It is only when a conductor leads them that they produce the beautiful music imagined by the composer.

The same can be said about your retirement strategy.

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Faithful Paws Therapy Dogs

These are registered therapy dogs.  My wife and I have trained the dogs and received certification for them to visit hospitals, nursing homes, elementary schools for reading programs, secondary schools and local colleges for stress relief during exam periods.

They also participate with United Airlines Holiday travel stress relief during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break

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